Garden Rice #SundaySupper

Garden Rice #SundaySupper

One of the things the I love the most during summer time is that we can find lots of fresh veggies and fruits, and I love to make also lots of easy recipes with all these fresh vegetables.
I know what area you thinking, I live in California and most of the time we can find fresh fruit and veggies, and you are right but summer has the most delicious products and this is a great occasion to make the most out of them.

And this recipe has some of the products I use the most during this time, carrots and celery are delicious complements for the rice and it give it that fresh test and a beautiful color.

I love to use parboil rice, this rice is very easy to make and the consistency is very loose, the grain is strong so it keeps a nice shape no matter what you add to it.

Love this types of side dishes, and this rice is a great complement to a delicious piece of pork or beef. Hope you enjoy it.


Main dishes





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Garden Rice #SundaySupper
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Easy, delicious and a great compliment to any meat. This Garden Rice is the side dish what you need for your next lunch or dinner.
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 15 minutes
Cook Time
35 minutes
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 15 minutes
Cook Time
35 minutes
Garden Rice #SundaySupper
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Easy, delicious and a great compliment to any meat. This Garden Rice is the side dish what you need for your next lunch or dinner.
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 15 minutes
Cook Time
35 minutes
Servings Prep Time
8 servings 15 minutes
Cook Time
35 minutes
Servings: servings
  1. Heat up a pot to medium heat, add oil, green onions, celery and pepper, cook for 3 minutes. Add carrots and rice, mix well, cook for another 3 minutes,add salt and water (taste the water and adjust the salt)
  2. Cover the pot and lower the heat and let it cook for 30 minutes. Check the rice about 20 minutes in the cooking time. Once ready use a fork and fluffed up. Serve with your favorite piece of protein.
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Gimme Jimmy’s Cookies #Freshness #Review

Thanks to Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies for providing me with a tin of cookies for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Gimme Jimmy's Cookies #Freshness #Review

I got a delicious tin of Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies and let me tell you, this is one of the best cookies I have tried. The challenge for us, taste the freshness each day. So we need it to eat one each day to see how everything was going, my job is so hard :).

On day one, I just could not resist eating about 3 with my cup of coffee and my girls definitely enjoy them too. The only downfall I have is that some of the cookies were broken, but either way, we eat them all.

GJCookies #review

By day 4 the cookies were still fresh and delicious, one key element is to keep the cookies in the original tin, this will keep them with zero expose to any element that can make them soft.

By day 7 most of the cookies were gone, but the freshness was still there, I kept some for more time and let me tell you, the cookies were delicious, fresh and full of flavors.

#GJCookies #review

I really want to encore you to buy and try Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies. Check out their website for more information and here are their social channels.


Back To School Ghostly Snacks #BTSSpirit #ad #CollectiveBias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BTSSpirit #CollectiveBias

Back To School Ghostly Snacks #BTSSpirit #ad #CollectiveBias

Back to school is around the corner, and we can’t wait to start a new and exciting year. My girls are almost ready, they just need a few last-minute items to help with a successful first day of school. This year I’m super inspired by the Ghostbusters movie and making all snacks a little more ghostly, with the help of specially marked Ghostbusters branded bottles of M&M’s® and MARS treats, I’m sure we would have a perfect back to school.

#BTSSpirit #ad #CollectiveBias #walmart

Me on the other hand, I have my day full with lots of shopping and prepping to have everything we need on hand. This is one of the reasons I love to go to Walmart because I can find all the items I need to make this year snacks. And to keep it even more exciting I came up with the idea of incorporating some ghostly theme to our snacks.

#BTSSpirit MARS candy

So, with the help of MARS treats I made some very delicious combinations to help with this year all around snacks. Not only for school but also to have on hand for those after school programs. And let me tell the minis are perfect to keep in my purse for a boost of energy, not only for the kids but for me too, you know we all need it every day, and thanks to the minis I can have one or two. Ok let be honest, I love to have a bag of SNICKERS® Mixed Mini Bags on hand, because is my absolutely favorite.

#BTSSpirit #ad #CollectiveBias #tutorial

Is very simple all you need is:

Mixed Mini Variety Bag
M&M’s® Milk 42 oz
M&M’s® Milk Chocolate Bottle
6 oz transparent container
Pirate Booties
Sour Gummies
Mini Graham Crackers

It is very simple, I like to make different combinations and place them in the container, for example:

M&M’s® Milk and Cookies

mm's milk chocolate and cookies #BTSSpirit

M&M’s® Milk and peanuts

mm's milk chocolate and peanuts #BTSSpirit

M&M’s® Milk and sour gummies

mm's milk and sour gummies #BTSSpirit

M&M’s® Milk and pirate booties

mm'smilk and pirate booties #BTSSpirit

You can also use the M&M’s® Peanut Bottle or peanut to place some of pretzels or cookies for them to take to school.

mm's peanut bottle and cookies #BTSSpirit

Or just mix them all and you will have a great tray of flavors.

trail mix #BTSSpirit

Place them on the container that is especially white for my ghostly theme, label with the name or just the day to make sure they grab the right one. Remember to keep and eye for in-store coupon to save $0.75 of 1 M&M’s® Bottle through September 30.

#BTSSpirit #snacks on the go


And of course, you can definitely take some to the movies to enjoy the Ghostbuster movie, in theaters now.

Balance Your Day #CraveFreely #ad | #Giveaway

I partnered with Balance Bar® and Mom It Forward on this compensated post. All opinions are my own.

Balance Your Day #CraveFreely #ad #Giveaway

We are always looking for good and better nutrition for our selfs, as a mom I’m always in the hunt of those snack that keep me going and give the energy and nutrition I need to keep me going on my daily chores.

The best part is that I had the chance to try different flavors and let me tell you all of them are great but my favorite is the Dark Chocolate Turtle and I’m sure yours will be too. But don’t get me wrong all the Balance Bars are delicious and full with nutrition.


And today I’m so happy to share with all of you the new addition to my daily nutrition Balance Bars, are a scrumptious treat that is nutritionally balanced, each new bar is 190 calories or less, contains 5-7 grams of protein and 5-6 grams of fiber.


Balance Bars are also available in four delicious NEW flavors, including Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat, Chocolate Peppermint Patty, Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtle and Dulce De Leche & Caramel and they also just relive a new packaging that features the original flavors in full-size bars and new flavors in two mini bars. For the first time ever, Balance is now also packaged in single mini bars – perfect for easy enjoyment to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.


You can find this great product on CVS, Amazon and select Walmart stores nationwide.


Also, come and participate in the Giveaway, you can win 1 6-pack box of Balance in  Chocolate Caramel Peanut NougatChocolate Peppermint PattyDark Chocolate Turtle orDulce De Leche & Caramel varieties.

Follow Balance Bar on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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BellPepper and Cheese Scones #BreadBakers

BellPepper and Cheese Scones #BreadBakers

You can say that a good breakfast has some pancakes or waffles in it, but for me, a good and perfect breakfast has a delicious scone. Must of the time when I feel like eating something different I like to make scones.

They are so easy and fast to make, and I love the I can combine different flavors and end up with a delicious result. My family loves the blueberry and lemon, but my all time favorite are this bell peppers and cheese.

Definitely, they are a must to make for your family and enjoy at any time of the day, because a good scone is always good with coffee, tea or any hot drink you like.


#BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. Follow our Pinterest board right here. Links are also updated each month on this home page.

We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme/ingredient.

If you are a food blogger and would like to join us, just send Stacy an email with your blog URL to

BellPepper and Cheese Scones #BreadBakers
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So good and so easy to make, these scones are all you need any morning or afternoon.
Servings Prep Time
15 scones 20 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
Servings Prep Time
15 scones 20 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
BellPepper and Cheese Scones #BreadBakers
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So good and so easy to make, these scones are all you need any morning or afternoon.
Servings Prep Time
15 scones 20 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
Servings Prep Time
15 scones 20 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
Servings: scones
  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Mix flour, salt and baking powder, add the butter and use a pastry cutter to cut the butter into the dry ingredients until it looks like coarse crumbs. Add cheese, peppers and cilantro, mix with your hands just to combine.
  2. Add the buttermilk in 3 additions and mix until it comes together as a hold. For a square and cut the dough in 15 pieces. Tranfer them to a baking sheet and bake. Once ready place them on a cooling rack, to cool compeltely.
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10 Activities to make your Summer Olympics a 10 #Olympics #summer #kids

The 2016 Summer Olympics are Here! And we can’t wait to watch it. It is the first time we are going to enjoy this amazing event and had the opportunity to tune in to enjoy this fabulous event.

Now until August 21st the whole world will be abuzz with Summer Olympics, and there is so much opportunity for learning and getting active! Here are (a perfect) 10 tools to foster Olympic-worthy learning and help you host your own Olympics at home!

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Learn About the Olympics

1. Summer Olympics Fun Pack – Printable!

SO fun pack

This pack has crosswords, medal tally sheets, coloring pages, and my favorite – a Venn diagram comparing modern and ancient Olympics! A lot of punch in one downloadable package, making it a great start to learning fun with Olympics. Suitable for Pre-K – 5th-grade levels. $4.75.

2. 2016 Summer Olympics Lapbook with Study Guide – Printable!

study guide

Get the details on all of the summer games, the history of the Olympics, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Created by one of my favorite resources, Knowledge Box Central. Tip: You can print as many of these lap books for your family and friends to build knowledge and community while you watch the games. $5.

3. Sporting Events Interactive Foldable Booklet- Printable!

foldable booklet

For the avid sports – watching kiddos, this foldable game tracker allows them to track scores in each game for the summer 2016 Olympics. Use this as an opportunity to practice math based on their skill level – whose in first, second and third place? What percent is 4.8 out of 10? I love this handheld, interactive, printable tool! Just $1.

4. 2016 Summer Olympics Interactive Bundle – Printable!


There’s a little something in this bundle for everyone, from writing prompts, to coloring – great for the littles who need an activity while the group watches swimming. Suitable for 6-10-year-olds. $4.99, down from $7.99.

5. Summer Olympics Bingo!


Whether you’re planning a viewing party with other families, or you have a class full of excited viewers, this is a fun group activity for all ages. Bone up on Olympic vocabulary with this classic game with a timely theme. Speaking of which, let the games begin! $2.

6. Olympics Online Unit Studies

online unit

For homeschoolers looking to mix things up this summer, this online course by 5-star reviewed Online Course features self-directed research projects, unit studies, and a deeper dive into the history and global meaning of the Olympic games. Great for elementary and middles school level kiddos comfortable with the internet. $15.


Host your Own Olympics at Home!

7. Scoop and Toss Game

scoop game

Scoop and Toss Game features 2-15″ scoops and a softball-sized plastic ball can be used for a number of outdoor games including baseball, jai alai or catch. This would be a great game for field day!

8. Playground Balls

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.17.36 PM

These classic rubber playground balls come in a set of three assorted designs. Inflate with standard pump and needle.

9. Play Ring Set

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.18.36 PM

These fun play ring sets can be used in the yard, park, in the pool or at the beach! The big foam-ring paddles have a stretchy nylon center that makes toss and catches games tons of fun.

10. Resistance Tunnel

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.18.42 PM

Many children love the feel of climbing through the tunnel. Some of the benefits that can be realized are deep pressure input/touch, increased a sense of body awareness, motor skills, balance, coordination, prone extension, and self-regulation.

May the best Olympians win!

6 Educents Must-Haves Cheaper than Amazon #Kids #Learning

I’d love to be able to shop around for the best price always, but sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day! And of course, I rather be with my family having a great time than browsing around.

I received a list of items that are cheaper on Educents, (one of my favorite online stores for educational resources) than on Amazon. I was shocked to find some items were $100 cheaper on Educents than Amazon. So, of course, I wanted to share this time-and-money-saving list with you!

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Hooked on Phonics Learn To Read Kit for PreK-2nd – Save $170.00

hooked on phonics review





Hooked on Phonics is one of the most trusted brands in teaching children how to read. This set is for Pre-K-2nd graders who are looking to create a strong foundation in phonics. This set includes workbooks as well as access to the HoP online learning portal.

Retail Price – $299.99 / Amazon Price – $265.00

Educents Price – $129.99

Maestro Classics Musical Stories Set Save $112.00






This 12 CD collection features perennial classics you’ll remember from childhood like Peter and The Wolf, The Nutcracker, and The Tortoise And The Hare. Each disk also includes activities to complete for students after they have finished the story.

Retail Price – $200.00 / Amazon Price – $93.43

Educents Price – $88.00

Times Tales Animated DVD Save $10.00






Times Tales is one of the best ways to teach kids multiplication – period. One mom said, “Best money spent on math. It really worked. Within a week my 9 and 11-year-old completed 110 problem text with scores of 99% and 100% respectively. Wow.” Audio, visual, logical – what’s more to ask?

Retail Price – $29.99 / Amazon Price – $28.99

Educents Price – $19.99

Reusable Human Body Sticker SetSave $9.00






The Mona MELissa reusable sticker playsets are an amazing way to create a hands-on learning experience in your home, classroom, or anywhere with a wall. Teach kids all about anatomy – and make it stick (literally!) – with this scientifically accurate set.

Retail Price – $28.99 / Amazon Price – $24.99

Educents Price – $19.99

Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks: 40 Piece Set – Save $27.50






Tegu blocks are the wooden magnetic blocks that are captivating children’s attention worldwide. Aside from being an outside-of-the-box toy, Tegu cares about creating social good, and hires workers in Honduras to create these wonderful toys. Plus they plant a tree with each purchase. 🙂

Retail Price – $110.00 / Amazon Price – $110.00

Educents Price – $82.50

Hooked on Phonics Spelling Program Save $20.00






Spelling Bee here we come! The Hooked On Spelling program is no exception to the quality of Hooked on Phonics programs and teaches spelling in a way that’s unique and fun at the same time.

Retail Price – $79.95 / Amazon Price – $130.22

Educents Price – $59.95